The Classroom, Gurugram

There is something special about the Sector 29 Gurugram! In the upcoming restaurants, there are some which are unique and very good so we are going to review this place, highly praised by our friend!

Starting with the Ambience the place is very good they have ample amount of sitting space and the theme of the place goes with its name the classroom so everything you look around looks like a class there is special corner called Ramu Kaka ki canteen it’s totally similar to the canteen which we are used to seeing in our schools! The walls with slate and an even menu designed as a notebook!

Talking about the food we started with Palak Patta Chaat moving on further we tried some really good mocktails! Then we tried really tasty chicken serve with rumali roti! We also see an interesting combination keema with pav it was really tasty very well cooked and well presented! The hot dog was served with some potato wedges! With some really good mayonnaise!

The best thing we had was the bbq chicken pizza the chunks of bbq paired with roasted mushroom was the awesome combination we ever had, the cheese was really good and it just Melts in the mouth! Finally, we ended with the brownie! And some great school memories! 💓

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