Norwood Villas – Himachal Pradesh 

Travel is soul satisfying

The weekend getaway is the most popular among people these days and far away from the workspace, we all need a relaxing weekend! From Delhi, Palampur is the perfect place to be! We visited Norwood Villas situated in the heart of this beautiful city.


We started our journey in the night around 10 PM and night travel is a great time saver ( probably you must have a good driver who can run all through the night ) Our first stop was a 70 milestone, a desi dabha with a great environment.  We had a typical North Indian food with a big glass of lassi at the end!

Moving on further a journey of 400 something kilometers left & nearly around 8 am we reached the Bhakra Nangal dam and wait for 30 minutes to get ourselves refresh and see the amazing view of the place! And then our journey to mountains begins with Anandpur Sahib!


After a long trip, we finally see the snowy mountains and breeze of fresh air. The view here is amazing, getting to all the twists and turn you see something new. As you go above the landscape changes and it keeps getting better. Finally we reached the Norwood Villas.

There are 4 villas that you can rent out and each villa is having 4 rooms with dining area, lobby and a really cool backyard.

The first thing you will get in love with is how beautiful the villas are made both from outside and inside. Super spacious and neat and clean. You get a kitchen as well to make some food for yourself Moreover every villa has its own butler for your convenience.  You name it, you will get everything here.

Getting into the rooms, well maintained with all the amenities – AC, LED TV and attached bathroom for all 4 rooms, pretty good right 😉 They named it as a luxurious place and it totally proves that. Check out the video below to get the sneak peak.

PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON! . Would love to share my experience to Palampur with @norwoodvillas for extremely humble and great hospitality! The road trip by car from delhi was quite amazing, the snowy mountains and the stories along the way will remain forever & then the adventure begin! . When u travel u will feel that u are living in your life . Add wonderful , fantastic , vivid memories to ur travel dairy . Keep away ur busy lifestyle , traffic , noice and runaway from city's concrete jungle and let your body to relax , mind to Rejuvanate and soul to find its sprit to align with uncovered potentialities . No words to express its beauty . Mark your holidays go to tea capital Palampur and stay home away from home . Nor wood villas is waiting to serve u with pouring hospitality . . #delhiwale #RoadToNorwoodVillas

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So it has been a day 1 and we decide to rest and soak in some awesome views and fresh air of this place and not to forgot a very heart warming welcome and hospitality of this place.


It’s been a pretty exciting day as we have allot to cover! We started the day with a safari to the top of hills!

Then by the afternoon we came back and had lunch and then guess what, the next place we were about to visit was the world’s 2nd highest place to do paragliding, yes you read it right 10,000 ft above the ground! The place is Bir-Billing. It took us almost 1:30 hours to reach to the top! And as you go up the feeling of fear also does the same! The place is at such a height that the first timers will have a mind blowing experience! And the tense moment arises with every kilometre we covered! Better take a car only and don’t plan a tempo traveller as the roads at the top are very narrow! 

And we reached to the top! The camp we hired was BIG MOUNTAIN! We must tell you the view from this height is  awesome! The big mountain guys start preparing for the one hell of a ride! Before the jump don’t hesitate, it’s natural to fear but if you jump you will see a paradise moment of your life! Hope you have seen the movie – Zindagi Na Milege Dobara! Just run hard once and off you go to amazing mountain ride!

It’s a 15-20 minutes ride and then to land on earth again! 😀 We bet you will feel a sense of big achievement after that! We suggest you to go at the sunset and while you are in the air, a beautiful sunset feels one in a lifetime experience!

This day was so crazy good can’t explain in words! You got to experience it by yourself! And all the arrangements were done by the Norwood Villa management! 

Coming back to the villa and then enjoying our evening with a great view! And friends off course!


Another day and the last one for our trip! Palampur is know for its tea garden’s! And the villa we were staying in has tea garden just at the backyard! Lush green and aroma of those leaves left us with good vibes! We played some frisbee there and you can have a little picnic over there too! There is a potter’s colony over there and you can buy some cool stuff for back home! And the evening plan is to do some trekking! We were given a local guide to visit the village and we were welcomed were graciously! We guess it was the second highest place at palampur!

A village at a hieght of 4500ft, where only 198 people live! Electricity is only in 3-4 homes are living a very different life from ours! I would say the kind of amenities we have obviously they don’t have, and the kind of view for which we travel miles and spend huge money, these people are living it daily! One of the local said that at the time of evening and morning clouds are below us flowing around! Wow feeling right? 

It’s been a great too spend our weekend with such a great experience and hospitality! All credits goes to Norwood Villas! 

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